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A few of the relevant items from filings and open records

Document 1

     Oct 31, 2014, Issues w/ Parcel 92, email Olenjniczak to  

     Smith, McNeil; and 2016 Olejniczak deposition excerpt

Document 2

     Jul 16, 2013, Constitutional/Legal public trust issues for

     title insurance, emails Smith, Schenker, Nesbitt,

     Olejniczak, Haines, Arts

Document 3

     Nov 21, 2013, Public Trust issues and followup on

     bypassing process to go to governor's office, emails

     Olejniczak, Smith, Nesbitt, McNeil, Arts

Document 4

     Jul 23, 2014, Public trust restrictions and map, "strong

     likelihood that all or most of parcel 92 is below OHWM",

     German to Smith, McNeil, Olejniczak, Nesbitt, Correll

Document 5

     Sep 17, 2016, No OHWM dermination on parcel 92,

     Bruhn deposition

Document 6

     Jun 2015, map showing all of parcel 92 as Fill, old dock,

     Ayres Associates (City's consultant)

Document 7

     Jul 01 2015, clarifying Public Trust restrictions, email

     Collins to Thiede, Nesbitt, Mayor, Council, attaching

     Midwest Environmental Advocates' letter and


Document 8

     Jul 21, 2015, Common Council meeting, partial transcript,

     at which it is clarified DNR said there is no OHWM

     determination on parcel 92

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