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Early this fall, the developer proposed a new location for the hotel, shown here in orange. (The prior location is shown shaded to the right of the granary). When the Friends saw this, we thought of an idea to couple this new location along with a permanently protected public conservation easement zone that used the original surveyed shoreline approximation (dashed line along pink-shaded easement zone). We saw this as hopefully a win-win - the city could have two commercial areas, a hotel and a second development, closer to Madison and Maple streets. The public zone could include a portion of parking to support those developments. The conservation easement would protect a reasonable approximation of the public trust lands, in the absence of an ordinary high water mark determination from the DNR, in perpetuity - the strongest protection possible. And the granary, which is so clearly on an old dock and therefore in the public trust, would be in that conservation easement.

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